Wednesday, April 1, 2009

who wants it?

So ladies and gentleman,
As you may know(or not)
I have myself a little bidness
I make custom t shirts
And i did a post a while ago
about giving something away
Well this is the real deal....
Hit up our website.
and sponsor us
we do lots of things
girls camp shirts
funny sayings/silly graphics
totes, bags, hoodies
There is a free custom t shirt in it for you
your design or mine.
Hit me up and spread the word!
ps this is not an April fools joke


MC Custom Design said...

I forgot to say that it wasn't an April fools joke on our blog. lol!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

MYRA! whats your rate of charge? i need to order some t-shirts for a youth conference and im doing some research. Hit up my blog!

Jeremy and Becky said...

How has life been treating you? I hope all has been going well! Let me know what you are up to! Check out our adoption blog at and tell your friends about it!

Stewart said...

Happy Happy Birthday to KoKo Mywa

Nan said...

Miss Myra, I found you from the rhouse blog. I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my guest post on mrs. r's blog a little over a week ago. I appreciated what you said, and am thinking of you. Good luck in all you do. Thanks again.