Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mightie loving

I love my Mightie.

She and I have so much in common

We both love to sleep all day long

But want to stay up and get

lovin' and snuggles all night long

Sometimes when I am out and about

I actually forget I have an adorable kitten

But the second I walk through that door.

I hear meowing

Or a little grey fluff ball

wakes up from her nap


and comes bounding my way.

ladies and gentleman

its the little things in life...

she is my tender mercy


Anonymous said...

Found your blog through r house. yhou are so wonderful. leslie and i miss seeing you. do you remember who we are? Brenda

Kim said...

Mightie is a sweet thing. I bet she is looking all grown up these days. Miss her...miss you.