Friday, June 1, 2012

Gettin' married

Well it has happened
I think I am more shocked than anyone else.
But it is official
I'm getting married.

(a few pictures from the day after the big question)

Anthony is the most amazing man, I have never known a guy like him and he truly is the love of my life. All that is going on has my head spinning. Those of you that have been around the last few years know that he and I have gone the rounds and seen each other through the good times and the awful ones.
And I love that about our story.
Life has not always been sunshine and rainbows, but through it all we couldn't seem to be apart, even when we wanted to.
I'm still in shock I think, I'm still in shock that he has picked me
that it is really happening, it is finally happening.
I have had a few close calls with the getting married thing, and that has left me a little wary of getting my hopes up. But it IS happening, I am getting married, for real. Those other almosts don't even compare to the love my man truly has for me, and he shows me that every day. I know how sappy it all is, but it is about time.
I'm so excited to marry him, he is all I want.
 Not the big wedding, not the hoopla, not the big to do.
I'm the lucky girl that gets to marry him,
so he is the lucky man that gets the lovely wedding.

I have been dreading and dragging my feet about anything wedding. I have been pouting, I have been stressing, I have been just plain angry that I have to have this wedding.
 I would love to just go to the courthouse and make that promise and go home married. I hate the idea of having to make all this other stuff happen just so I can marry him. All the money and work and effort and planning and just stuff, just so I can marry him. But my sweetie wants a wedding and it means so much to him, so a wedding there shall be. I got the ring, he gets the wedding. And I think I am finally on board with it. I was mid-pout last night about all the stuff that has to be done and that I have to plan this wedding, and he said no, You GET to have this wedding.
He is absolutely right
I am the luckiest girl
that gets to be his wife
that GETS to share the rest of his life with him
that GETS to plan our amazing day for him
I am so blessed.
and my ring is freakin amazing so the least i can do is give him an amazing wedding.
                                                              LOVE YOU ANTHONY

Sunday, September 11, 2011

little man

i know today is a day to never forget
and i haven't.
is an amazing day for our country

it is a little bit different for me

9/11/01 changed so many lives
mine included
changed mine forever
in so many ways, ways i still dont understand
while the world remembers those who we lost to tragedy
i remember the gift i was given

the gift i was given to be in this persons life, the opportunity to be in his presence. september 11th to me is the last night i had with my little guy. it was our last date, just me and him. the last time i had him with me. i wish i could say i remember what i was doing or where i went or what i was thinking that exact night. but i have a general idea.
i was a conundrum
i was peacefully anxious
excitedly calm
weary with strength
i know that doesnt make sense
i was anxious to not be pregnant anymore
i was anxious for him to be home
i was excited to meet him
i had the most amazing little buddy, he was always there. for 9 months. he was there in my heart and in my mind. he kept me company when i was all alone. he comforted me when peace eluded me and something i didn't expect. he loved me. i could really feel it.
it wasn't all mushy, he kicked me lots i poked him back
there was some friction
but i cherish september 11th
see tomorow is his birthday
that little man is turning




half a decade

september 12th is the day of his birth
his birthday
his day
but september 11th is kind of my day
and fitting that the whole world
should also see to it being a day of reverence
what a crazy 5 years it has been
and i hope to be able to express to that little man what he means to me
the honor it has been to know to him and to be a piece of his history
and to have him be a peace of mine.
i dont understand everything or know how it all works
i dont know how he will feel or what the feelings i have mean
but i know i love him
and i know he loves me
not something i expected
or something i was prepared for
but it is the greatest gift
to have the love of a child
to his mommy and daddy
i am eternally endebted
they might just be two of the three nephites
(i think mae mae is the third)
as "my day" ends
little man yours begins

and as i told you when we first met

 it will be a privilege and an adventure to see the places you'll go

 Happy Birthday

Monday, August 29, 2011

my first 5k

(me and ricardo)
Join me in my efforts to support Huntsman Cancer Foundation!
hello all, it is no secret that staying among the living is almost a full time job for me these days. i have recently spent some time at the huntsman cancer clinic getting iron infusions and it has really opened my eyes. sitting with all of those amazing people that are fighting for their life has really motivated me to really fight for mine.i am far to young to be as sick as i am and it is high time I SHOW my body what it can do, teach it to believe in itself and to worry about miles run, not organs lost. :) i know being active will help me feel better in spite of the bits that are broken and pieces that are missing. so if me and ricardo can do it. so can you. im challenging you to put yourself first, your health, your happiness, your longevity. i challenge you to join me in this 5k whether you feel like a healthy human or you are less then human but not quite dead. i often go back and forth. i need to raise 200$ for huntsman cancer to be able to race. so help me out. whether it is running or walking or donating money or just getting going in your own life. there is also a walk for the little ones. i have a 6 week couch to 5k plan all set up, that has each workout planned out for you. any questions let me know. more info to follow.
The Hometown Heroes program is designed to help participants reach their endurance goals while raising much-needed funds for cancer research. Since 2003, Hometown Heroes have raised over $1 million dollars from donors like YOU. Huntsman Cancer Foundation relies on the generosity of community members to support cancer research programs. Be a part of it by donating through my event today.

check out my link to donate and
 find all the good stuff. come play
(click here to see the training plan and hear me whine about doing it. come on it will be fun.)

Friday, December 10, 2010


mr t
you are my rock
you make me better
by leaps and bounds
you push me
you hug me
you teach me
you love me

you are in it
with me
i need nothing more
thank you mr t


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"don't quit before the miracle happens"

it's no secret things have been,
and are tough right now
lots of uncertainty
some things i don't understand
and some missing people
which leads to a sad heart and some tears

while a little piece of my heart is
a baby bit broken right now

the rest of my heart is fuller
than ever before.

years of prayers answered in
one coincidental saturday morning

some time with a certain someone special
a morning with an amazing little angel

with everything going on
all the hard feelings
and the hurtie heart

i was sent an above-average sized

i am beyond blessed

and was chosen by
one of His
elite children

and that my friends
heals and restores
this tender heart

"don't quit before the miracle happens"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

so remember when i said that someone had signed up
well it seemed to be
but it wasn't really
remember that post from earlier
about the self made girl
she is back and her
tender heart is broken
not by one
but by things that
i don't understand
i don't understand an
"i love you"
that turns around and walks away
i dont understand it
it doesnt compute
i would rather be
than be
and yes
(here come the daddy issues)
given up on
not worth it
how can i be the bee's knee's
but then fine to live without
i just plain don't understand
i really dont
but nothing i can do about it
and i know i will be fine
it will all be fine
life goes on
but goodness effing gracious
i am far from pleased...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

life suprises you
and shocks the crap out of me...
i'm wrangling the tornado
oh i mean myself
and turns out
i have a buddy that wants to help me
the road is slippery and
as you can see uphill
with obstacles surrounding,
but there is someone that
has signed up
to pull me back to the middle
thanks sweetness and light
love ya