Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"don't quit before the miracle happens"

it's no secret things have been,
and are tough right now
lots of uncertainty
some things i don't understand
and some missing people
which leads to a sad heart and some tears

while a little piece of my heart is
a baby bit broken right now

the rest of my heart is fuller
than ever before.

years of prayers answered in
one coincidental saturday morning

some time with a certain someone special
a morning with an amazing little angel

with everything going on
all the hard feelings
and the hurtie heart

i was sent an above-average sized

i am beyond blessed

and was chosen by
one of His
elite children

and that my friends
heals and restores
this tender heart

"don't quit before the miracle happens"


Karine said...

I have a blog that shares Birth Mother stories and I was wondering if you would like to be a guest on my blog ? I would love to learn more about you and share your story if you would like to do that.
Here is the blog site...
you can email me from there :) Hope to hear from you! :) Thank you for being you!!!!

Miss Myra said...

I would loooove to. sorry for 3 years later