Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I quit

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is where I live...
This picture fits me perfectly. Surrounded by fog, stretching out to test the waters from an already very unstable barely visable foundation.
Anticipating I don't even know what...
But at the same time knowing that the current situation will not last.
It's the classic leap of faith, but it feels like going from one dark shadowy, swirling abyss of uncertainty to another.
Saying goodbye to comfortable, be them treacherous, resting stones...
Knowing they are not solid or safe, but knowing the ins and outs of every nook and cranny that exists in those stones...
Soon the water will come
I think it's already here
And I must leap from my rock
before the water overcomes me and sweeps me away.
I must assert my power and resolve to not control the current,
but have my way with its efforts.
Will I bob, will I sink, will I swim against it,
will I work with it to get what I want?
Who knows...
(just found out im getting my favorite car back
i may be taking new things on but it will be
from the drivers seat of a TURBO volvo wagon baby)
when heavenly father closes a door,
he opens a window.. a tinted window..

1 comment:

c a n d a c e said...

Very clever and beautiful post My.
I'm glad you are getting your Volvo baby back. I'm proud.

-love ya-