Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Things Utah

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The rest of the world has finally caught on
to the amazing information
you privileged few already know.

That I should be on T.V.

Yes... It's true.

Ok here is the real story.

Over the past year I have done alot of adoption advocating with

this amazing chica.

The PR guy at Good Things Utah saw us present and has

asked us to be on the show

this Wednesday Nov 5th at 10:00am.

I am floored to say the least. I love adoption and Love putting my money

where my mouth is. I want this wonderful world to know what a wonderful

thing adoption is and I am so excited to tell big bad Utah all about it.

To let everyone that November is National Adoption Awareness Month.

This opportunity is so exciting for me but has brought up some difficult things as well.

These difficult things have reminded me that all whining and snits aside...

I have an amazing life

I am so blessed.

Thank you to all you out there that have participated

in being my blessings.

You are all my own angels.

Thank You

(and watch me on TV.)

(Wednesday Nov. 5th)

(10:00 on Channel 4)


Kim said...

I love it...I am going to be person cheering you on. And in the words of one of my bestest friends:




Leisha said...

I have pictures to prove it! You were fab! I TIVO's it if you want to watch yourself a million times. lol

Kimberly said...

Myra- You did awesome. I was so excited to see you own tv and hear people talking about adopiotn. Its been too long since I have seen you. You, Alicia, and I should get together for lunch.