Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three of a Kind

Three of these things belong together...
Three of these things have something the same...
Anyone ?? Anyone ??
(Bueller style)

Well let me enlighten you all.
All three are getting HOSED!
So... I'm getting back into the swing of things these days
and I feel a bit betrayed by my silly body.
I know it tries its very hardest.
And I am so very grateful and things are
REALLY getting better.
But Still.
I'm moderately overwhelmed
(which is fine)
But sometimes I think about what life would be like
I had all my faculties about me as I go about daily life.
What school would be like,
What work would be like,
What sleep, finances and relationships would be like
If me, myself, and I
were all on THE SAME TEAM.
This isn't whining
This is mere speculation.
(don't confuse the two).
I will rise above...
but it's just so exhausting
I would rather stay on that ledge above
than keep climbing the tricky mud slide.
(ok that was whining)
I love those pictures.
The pretty princess with her glimmering crown
hoping to draw attention away from her
4 fingered gloves.
I love the beautiful vintage BWM
that has been SKEWERED out of convenience.
I love the civil servant being hoisted high
in the name of service and rescue
To have his efforts literally splash him in the face
by the very tool that is supposed to be his weapon
of defense.
Allegory people.
I will spell it out. I feel overwhelmed.
(not doomed mind you)
By school
by work
by relationships
by health
by finances
by time
by life...
I feel limited.
My people,
Tell me I can do it.


Leisha said...

Hang in there lady. You CAN do it! Life gets insane sometimes but I know you are strong and I know you will survive. Loves.

Kim said...

YOU CAN DO IT! Isn't that from some Adam Sandler movie? I love it...YOU CAN and you WILL Surivive....cuz I am praying for you. Love you chica.