Monday, October 13, 2008

Miss Misunderstood!!

Ladies and gentleman of the congregation...
This is the land that I currently reside in...
The horrible, prickly, stabby, and heated
Land of Miss Understanding.
I hate her land, I don't want to live here.
I want to live anywhere but here.
You know that other land
(if you squint and shield your eyes from the glare you can see it)
The land of understanding.
No one way streets, only two way streets.
Streets of communication, where words are said on the east side
and intentions are felt and understood on the west side.
Where truth and honesty are the golden currency
held and sought after by all.
Progression is the occupation and everyone is employed full time.
I give, you give, we all give, what a great way to live.
But NO
I'm stuck here... In the self preservation observatory.
Everyone look but don't talk, this isn't that kind of place.
Singular existence is norm and influence would just ruin it all.
Well consider this my notice of migration, much like butterflys
who seek for more suitable habitation.
I want to flee...
From the past, from misunderSTOOD.
To the future, to underSTAND.
Because I STAND for many things.
Right now at this very moment, here at this time.

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Kim said...

Dood...your words inspire me...have you ever considered writing a book? Cuz you should.