Monday, September 15, 2008

Twisted Fatties and Hands of Healing

Epiploic Appendagitis: is an infected or twisted small outpouchings of fat-filled, serosa-covered structures present on the external surface of the colon projecting into the peritoneal cavity.

So what that all means is... I apparently have fat that hangs off my intestines,

and some how I have managed to twist it and make it very very angry.

Who knew.

So last week I went into instacare with some pretty serious lower right quadrant pain (low right tummy pain)the people there thought it was my appendix, and I kind of agreed. They drew some blood to see if I was fighting an infection. The tests came back and I was not in fact fighting an infection but rather my hematocrit was crashing. Now I have known for a bit that I don't have enough blood but we thought that things were improving and on the up and up. But the blood labs they drew showed that I was much much worse and was possibly bleeding internally and that the pain I was feeling was possibly a perforated bowl. Either way I needed to go to the ER very quickly to have tests done and to recieve blood.

A very shakey mommy and cool as a cucumber David came and picked me up at the instacare and drove me to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital fully expecting some kind of emergency surgery and a few units of blood. When we arrived I waited for a room for a few minutes and immediately noticed a beautiful black baby boy with a hospital bracelet on being held by his beautiful white parents. I knew this angel must have been adopted. I wheeled myself over to the little guy and smiled and whispered hi. This little sweetie took his binky out of his mouth, smiled and reached for me. My worried heart was instantly calmed. I felt a peace and knew everything was going to be ok, no matter what happened. I thought of little T. who would be turning 2 in just a few hours.

(I feel very privileged to have been chosen by a special special spirit (T.) to be his physical way to this world and to his family. I have felt as if he is kind of my little own guardian angel. From time to time in my life when things have been hard I often dream about him and wake up feeling ok. That things will be ok. That I'm not alone. And to have something so new from heaven in my dreams and on my mind often prompts me to refocus and pull myself up by my boot straps, reaching his hand out to help me along the way. This little angel is also of the beautiful chocolate complexion.)

I was taken back to the room and given medication to keep me from vomiting anymore and to help with the pain. The Dr's drew blood to test my blood again and to get a match to give me some blood. This is one of the scariest ER visits I have ever had. And if you know my history that says alot. There was alot of pain and alot of scary things going on. My chest felt like it was being sat on by an elephant and my pulse was struggling to stay above 35 beats a minute. I was not doing well and it was obvious that things were not getting better. My amazing mother stood at the end of my bed and held my feet and cried and prayed the whole time. She is my rock and prayed out aloud as I thrashed about the bed in pain.
The Dr's wanted me to get a CT scan before they took me into surgery, before I left I asked my mommy to get David and any random person they could find to give me a priesthood blessing of healing. Earlier in the week I felt prompted to get one, but those plans fell through and I felt silly seeing that I felt fine. My dear stepfather approached a gentleman in the waiting room wearing a BYU (go utes) sweatshirt and asked if he participate in giving me a blessing. Thank you David all you worthy and willing priesthood holders out there that are in the right place at the right time to be an amazing answer to prayers. It was a beautiful blessing and I was told that if I chose to be healed that I would. So I chose to be healed.

They whisked me away for my CT scan and then they came back with the results. My pain was fading and I felt peace. My arrogant punk of a Dr. came back and said that my hematocrit(amount of red blood) was 7 points higher than it was at instacare. Let it be known that is absolutely impossible. The only way that could have happened was if I had recieved a transfusion, which I didn't. And then go proceeds to tell me that the CT picked up something called Epiploic Appendagitis. Something that he had never seen or anyone else in the ER for that matter. But that I would not need surgery just some antibiotics and bed rest. We kindly thanked the hoser of a Dr. for the positive news and amazing results and as he left he said you created this miracle I didn't.

A miracle occured that night...

I was preserved.

I have felt heavenly father in my life countless times. I feel very close to him and know that he is always aware of me and my needs. But this was different. It feels like there is a struggle over my mortal body, I felt and feel abosolutely that Heavenly Father is working over time to keep me here. It's amazing when we are doing what he wants he works even harder than we are to keep us on that path. I feel truly blessed.


mcwally said...

Oh my heavens Myra! What an experience. So glad it turned out the way it did.... Love you

Kim said...

Honey pants...sorry I have been in my own world of sickies. I love you. I am so thankful that you are okay...and that Father is preserving you. (So that I can be selfish and have you as my friend.) I love you baybee!