Monday, September 8, 2008

Ah.. the zoo

Ladies and gentleman so few things can compare to the day spent at the zoo with your nephew. The genuine love for the animals, the curiosity, the excitment are just what being Auntie Mywa are all about. My dear sister in law invited me along to go to the zoo with her and ethan. And let me tell you it was a ball. I don't know who had more fun, me or Ethan.
off we go to see all the wonderful animals
too much water, too fast

Playing on the rhino

Ethan just loves loves loves the merry go round,

but not the ones that go up and down.

Around and around is enough for him

Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?

Who could resist this face.
Ethan found a random bird hanging out in one of the buildings.

What a life... where do I sign?

The Amur Leopard. One cool cat.

Ethan and Jenn at the cat show.

Ethans favorite

Showing off the giraffes proudly.

Ladies and Gentleman...

May introduce (drum roll)

My people.

In Japan you can have them as pets, stupid US.

Action shot

I think we should be able to have them as pets.

Who needs guard dogs with these fierce carnivores around.

There's nothing like carrying the weight of the world

on your shoulders, Ethan is quite the thinker.

So there used to be a gorilla named Dan, and this

is an outline of his stature.

Not as close as I would like...

But everyone says I'm well proportioned at least.

Day is done and as you can tell it was a magical

day for me and a long hot sweaty day for Ethan

Thanks Ethan and Jenn

and all the wonderful animals.

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Kim said...

Love your hair woman...I want to go to the zoo too!