Sunday, November 23, 2008


So these are some pictures that I took at the
These images are a trip.
I have always been fascinated with the human body
probably because I have learned alot due to my
little body not working all that great.
But these specific pictures caught my eye
Look at all those veins and arteries!
No wonder I'm exhausted all the time!!!

This is a cool picture of what the inside of our bones look like.

This is an image of a patient getting tests done for epilepsy.
Which I find particularly interesting.
My dear grandfather, Dr. Thomas, PaPa was a neurologist.
He founded the Epilepsy Foundation.
He spent his life creating equality and awareness for those
struggling with epilepsy.
He brought the first EEG to utah.
As my mother would say, he would sit with EEG reports in one hand
and a baby with a bottle in the other.
A true example to me of dedication to his two loves.
His family, and those who need a voice.

This is the internal bone structure of a dinosaur.
I think this is what my bones look like.
But hey they still keep all 6 foot 2 inches of me up straight.
Go fight win

Just freaking cool

If it werent obviously in a brain shape
one might think it might be some kind of coral
or sea creature.
Way cool

The agenda

So I arrived and spoke to about everyone that worked at that freaking library.
No one knew where this thing was. But I digress. So I finally found it and went into the
dungeon of the Salt Lake Library and saw these beautiful pictures.
To me this is what digital art is all about. But... I would learn later I was wrong.
So I gander and the neat photos and venture inside to the meeting room
hoping to find some modern way cool digital artist.
I was shocked.
All I saw was Dance Dance Revolution
Lots of guys huddled over laptops
patting each other on the back
and alot of talk that I didn't understand.
I hoped that someone would come up and talk to me,
but no as I would soon learn
this cool event had somehow morphed into
better said...
I found a lovely chap named Adam and I chatted him up about the digital art.
Well he wanted to talk about the digital art that is video gaming. He talked
to me about these conventions in Europe that is a convention center full of gamers
that are trying to one up each other in creating the best game from
a basic template. Cool idea, but Not what I was expecting.
For anyone that knows me, I do not like video games.
I am morally against them.
I was heart broken to hear this darling boy talk on and on about
ways I could make my own video game.
I don't want to make a video game I want to learn how to be a digital artist.
I think it would be my only chance at being a real artist. Cuz my handwriting and drawing
capabilities are crap. But no he didn't know about digital photography or how
any of the pictures outside were taken. My heart was sad.
I was excited to learn and it's true I was offered to learn
but I felt hoodwinked into attending a gamingfest.
Sad times.
sad times.


Jeremy and Becky said...

Miss Myra,

You know I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was just 8. I haven't had a seizure in almost 6 years which is awesome! I would LOVE to get further involved with the Epilepsy FOundation. I donate every year! I think that it is so cool that your family founded that organization! The pics were supa-cool too! We will have to go to lunch one day when school (for me) gets out! I love ya!


Kim said...

Dood we are one in the same! Seriously I HATE games. I too am morally against them. Yet another reason you and I are friends! Holla! Also, very cool pictures.