Thursday, May 29, 2008

Josh, Alicia, Ashley, Margret, Sandy, Kim, Chelsea, Tammy

So a word to all my people out there doing the best they can with what they can. To all those caseworkers out there that are trying to do right by their birthmothers and adoptive couples. Thank you for listening to the spirit. Thank you for seeing the big picture. Thank you for looking out for those of us who are just trying to make a good decision in a bad situation. Thank you for seeing through the eternal looking glass, instead of at the mortal wall that is this life on earth. I applaud you and am forever grateful for you and the work you have done, the schooling you have endured, the emotional control you maintain, and all of the effort put forth solely for other peoples happiness!

I am just frustrated cuz i was talking to some idiot and he has some wacked out opinons on how adoption should be. In his eyes, its essentially a business transaction. Thank you for all of you out there that see it for the miracle from heaven that it really is.


Mr R said...

that's very kind although our client's do more for themselves and others than they often recognize. We're just there to support and guide a little.

Carlykins said...

That hits me in the gut too. I can't EVER fathom calling my placement a business transaction. It was definitely FAR from that! YEESH!

It's hard when you have such a solid testimony of something and one doesn't get it. The ground isn't prepared to receive that seed apparently. Never hurts to share though that way they have something to come back to and their idea of what they think something must be like can be affected by what you shared. I am amazed at how the peeps at my work react when I talk about adoption. I spoke with a women the other day and she asked me why I moved to Utah. I shared with her my story briefly of Calli. She got the biggest smile on her face and showed me a pic of her two boys that are adopted. Half phillipino and half hawaiian. They are going to Hawaii to have the one baptized so his birth mom could be there. LOVE IT!!