Thursday, June 5, 2008

cold drippings and soggy foundations

(this looks a little bit like my bit o land i live on we call the compound)
So ladies and gentleman, I am feeling oh so reminiscent today. This rain today has had quite the affect on me, and the fact that I have been going through my old journals and photo albums and stacks of pictures only makes things more vivid. I am remembering all the good ole times, specifically all the good ole times with the good ole boys from the pages of my dating history. The feelings that are floating to the top are the kinds of feelings that leave you with a grin and a sigh. The thoughts of tight hugs, warm snuggles, and kind words are drifting through my consciousness.

You know that boy that knew how to calm you with one look, or the boy that would hug you so safely that you felt the world melt away. I remember and cherish these moments. Each boy and relationship brought its own special feel.The one that would make that sleepy sigh that just set your heart at ease, and the one that would rub your tummy to make you feel loved and huggled. So many memories of so many sweet moments. These charmed moments keep me company on drizzly days like today. They remind me that I have been loved, that I have been cuddled, calmed and soothed. They remind me that I connected with another person, they remind me that I have felt appreciated by so many individuals in absolute individual ways. And to you boys, I say thank you. When I look at my single status and feel woe I remember that I am great and that great people think so. Enough so, that they have shared their comfort, friendship and sweet tender selfs with me. Thank you again all you boys out there. For leaving me with warm fuzzies and sweet imaginings on a day of cold drippings and soggy foundations.(as a disclaimer i would like it known that i havent dated that many guys, but i do alright for myself)


mrs. r said...

beautifully writing.

*i hope you are not keeping in touch with "Foolio" as he is like POISON to your soul. um, that's all.

go, fight, win.


Leisha said...

Oooh. I like these kinds of stories. Do share sometime. I'm sure you are a fabulous story teller.