Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Foolio, you suck

How do you get over having loved someone that just wants to hurt you.
That draws his power from your tears.
How do you get over having loved someone that doesn’t see that you are worth loving.
That crushes you with your own fears.
That only calls to blame, smash, and vindicate
from life, from his choices and most of all your hate.
He sees life as what it does to him, not what he makes of it
He sees you as what you aren’t to him, not how you shine in spite of it.
I am here and I am great, now you leave and let me be
Go and take your dark glasses far from my bright eternity
You lost this race and almost killed the prize
But I am stronger than you know and greater than I even recognize
In your eyes my worth does not lie,
It screams its truth and standard to live and never die.
I rise from the fire of my masters refining hands,
To Him I am perfect, amazing and just how he planned,
For he is the true judge of all, for our reflection
In his eyes, I am his daughter, His perfection.

Just a little rage writing to tighten the lid on the jar of that bee hive. It feels so good to let him have it, he has earned it and I don't feel guilty saying it.You know who I'm talking about. (For this instance he shall be known as Foolio.)On the other end, I love my man upstairs. I like to think that he is mine and only mine, and you guys all pray to some other guy that takes care of you. He is mine, and I am his favorite! :)


Carlykins said...

Oooo I like that, tighten the lid on the beehive! Amen to ALL of this! Loving my new workshop that I am going to on Tuesadays. It's giving me new skills to help me to let go of peeps like this. Excited for them to become effective. Time and only time is on my side. Thank goodness I have it.

Glad you can come here and subside some of the tensity in your beehive.

Kim said...

Lady, lady..."I" am his favorite, but I will share you. I love this post...remember all of these feelings and keep hold of them! You are amazing.