Friday, June 1, 2012

Gettin' married

Well it has happened
I think I am more shocked than anyone else.
But it is official
I'm getting married.

(a few pictures from the day after the big question)

Anthony is the most amazing man, I have never known a guy like him and he truly is the love of my life. All that is going on has my head spinning. Those of you that have been around the last few years know that he and I have gone the rounds and seen each other through the good times and the awful ones.
And I love that about our story.
Life has not always been sunshine and rainbows, but through it all we couldn't seem to be apart, even when we wanted to.
I'm still in shock I think, I'm still in shock that he has picked me
that it is really happening, it is finally happening.
I have had a few close calls with the getting married thing, and that has left me a little wary of getting my hopes up. But it IS happening, I am getting married, for real. Those other almosts don't even compare to the love my man truly has for me, and he shows me that every day. I know how sappy it all is, but it is about time.
I'm so excited to marry him, he is all I want.
 Not the big wedding, not the hoopla, not the big to do.
I'm the lucky girl that gets to marry him,
so he is the lucky man that gets the lovely wedding.

I have been dreading and dragging my feet about anything wedding. I have been pouting, I have been stressing, I have been just plain angry that I have to have this wedding.
 I would love to just go to the courthouse and make that promise and go home married. I hate the idea of having to make all this other stuff happen just so I can marry him. All the money and work and effort and planning and just stuff, just so I can marry him. But my sweetie wants a wedding and it means so much to him, so a wedding there shall be. I got the ring, he gets the wedding. And I think I am finally on board with it. I was mid-pout last night about all the stuff that has to be done and that I have to plan this wedding, and he said no, You GET to have this wedding.
He is absolutely right
I am the luckiest girl
that gets to be his wife
that GETS to share the rest of his life with him
that GETS to plan our amazing day for him
I am so blessed.
and my ring is freakin amazing so the least i can do is give him an amazing wedding.
                                                              LOVE YOU ANTHONY


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c a n d a c e said...

Hurray for weddings!!! Moreso, hurray for marriage life. :)