Monday, August 29, 2011

my first 5k

(me and ricardo)
Join me in my efforts to support Huntsman Cancer Foundation!
hello all, it is no secret that staying among the living is almost a full time job for me these days. i have recently spent some time at the huntsman cancer clinic getting iron infusions and it has really opened my eyes. sitting with all of those amazing people that are fighting for their life has really motivated me to really fight for mine.i am far to young to be as sick as i am and it is high time I SHOW my body what it can do, teach it to believe in itself and to worry about miles run, not organs lost. :) i know being active will help me feel better in spite of the bits that are broken and pieces that are missing. so if me and ricardo can do it. so can you. im challenging you to put yourself first, your health, your happiness, your longevity. i challenge you to join me in this 5k whether you feel like a healthy human or you are less then human but not quite dead. i often go back and forth. i need to raise 200$ for huntsman cancer to be able to race. so help me out. whether it is running or walking or donating money or just getting going in your own life. there is also a walk for the little ones. i have a 6 week couch to 5k plan all set up, that has each workout planned out for you. any questions let me know. more info to follow.
The Hometown Heroes program is designed to help participants reach their endurance goals while raising much-needed funds for cancer research. Since 2003, Hometown Heroes have raised over $1 million dollars from donors like YOU. Huntsman Cancer Foundation relies on the generosity of community members to support cancer research programs. Be a part of it by donating through my event today.

check out my link to donate and
 find all the good stuff. come play
(click here to see the training plan and hear me whine about doing it. come on it will be fun.)


Becky said...

Not only will I donate - I will also help train, complain, and run with you my dear sweet Myra! Count me in!

mcwally said...

Go Myra!!!! You are a rockstar. And you can do it! Love you cuz.