Sunday, April 18, 2010


ladies and gentlemen
to say i have been absent is a bit of an understatement
no real good reason i have been gone
i have just been caught up in life
funny to see it written cuz its true
i have felt like i have been held back a few years
but i have been catching up on life
anyway i'll fill you in completely at some point
but for now
today this is in my head
emotional vomiting proceedeth
one of many

A selfish wish from a self-made girl

if a wish were a fish, we'd all have a fry

cook up that fish and finish with pie

but a wish isn't a fish, it's a mind most hopeful ploy

for a life without strife, instead tangible joy

but there's a selfish wish from a girls tender heart

this girl is self made, with some remaining original parts

some of them left, but OH did they try

some of them went to help others parts fly

she trimmed and she sheared bits from parts of her own

to mend hearts, minds and spirits and from it she's grown

she sees her parts shine in ways never thought

calm, peace and smiles to others they brought

but a selfish wish lies in that self-made mind

a wish long wanted, ached for, and pined

that someone would want to take pieces of theirs

and find where they fit and sew up the tears

it's scary i know, "will it hurt? will it scar?"

"what bit goes where? will i get a gold star"

no stars are awarded just the ones seen in their eyes

and a calm peaceful self is all that resides

so the selfish wish from that self-made heart

that wish has benefits and pluses right from the start

first it will mend and bridge all those gaps

of someone's struggling, drowning mishaps

next it takes your parts' part far beyond

to life different than known from your side of the pond

from my self-made self to your unified you

i ask could you spare some, and use extra glue?

i don't always need it, but if Ii do it is dire

my parts do most anything right down to the wire

if and when i am lacking. please. i'll take JUST a bit

i'll even sew it myself, i have my own kit

please and thank you is what i will say until then

and have faith that you'll be there when i need to say when

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