Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back off man... I'm a scientist.

(name the movie)

This is how I feel lately.

I feel like the whole world is trying to smash me... in lots of different ways. Well maybe not smash, just take a chunk off. It hurts. The way getting your thumb pricked at the dr. hurts way more than actually getting your blood drawn from your arm. I need my bits, all of them. They may seem insignificant to you but they mean a whole heck of a lot to me. And I need them. Go get your bits elsewhere. So to the powers that be out there ... leave me the fetch alone or else... well nothing really. I will just have to keep turning the other cheek and keep trying to preserve my bits. I will prevail tattered as I may end up. But if you can help it, try being sweet to me instead... please?


C & C Baugh said...

Well I love you Myra. You can count on me not to smash you into more bits!! By the way I'm having the baby in Utah now. We're moving back at the beginning of Sept. I'll have to give you call or send you a message and we can meet up!

mrs. r said...

amen. i will kick anyone's a-- that messes with you. you know i can. as mr. mayer says, "i'm bigger than my body gives me credit for."

love you. love your butt.

Leisha said...

No one can tear Miss Myra apart! Because you are strong and can defeat them. Get those pieces back, after all, they are rightfully yours and I will help you put yourself back together (I am pretty handy with hermafix and glue if I do say so myself :-). I can already see you saying "what?!?!?!?" lol

Team Gilmore said...

We love you Auntie Mawa! Kuddos to you for all you are doing and accomplishing.

Kim said...

I love you. I called you BACK and received a NADA. How are you my friend? Hope this person is keeping away from your bits and pieces and keeping you whole. I love you to bits and pieces but that is another thing entirely. LOVES.