Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little t-bone love for all you out there

when he wants to be carried or picked up
he doesnt say up or carry,
he says
"huggie, huggie"
who on earth would be able to resist that
quite a system he has worked out

The pimp and his ladies!

The little guy at my birthday celebration. he was super cranky but who can blame him when cosmo the mascot was stalking him practically.
If you notice, T. comes up to K.'s hip. At the grand old age of one and half. and let it be known that the kid wears a youth small! everyone calls him T-bone, cuz he is one beefy boy

Holding so tight.
Ty and T. meet.
and dont really know what to think.
My brown boys.
This really was a magical day for me. It was birthmothers day and my 25th birthday, and on top of it there was a birthmothers walk down in the great white provo. My brother stewart and his wife jenn were so great to support me and come down to it. And my bestest friend Mrs. R and Mr. R and Mr. T came down to the party. but i do have to say that my hero was there. miss K. (T.'s mother)was there and she brought the whole crew, T.'s family was there. all his brothers and sisters and M.(T.'s dad) and that was just magical to see. i loved it. i loved to see them run and play and enjoy the sunshine. and we got some walking in as well. thank you for all you that came and supported or wished me a happy birthday. on to the next quarter century!!!!! Bring it.


Gloria Thomas Gilmore(myra's mommy) said...

What an awesome young woman you are! You have so much to offer. All of us! Your faith. Your courage. Your fighting spirit. Your deep sense of loyalty, not just to people but to principles. Your ability to make it a party where ever you are. Your refusal to accept the bitterness of lemonjuice when you can make lemonade, from whatever happens. Your lovingheart and generous spirit. Wow! You're a blessing to anyone who knows you. You sure are to me.

Leisha said...

Love the pictures! Trajan is adorable. And ever so big. He is going to tower over his mom one of these days. I'm so glad you had a fun birthday celebration and could celebrate with your "little" man.