Saturday, April 24, 2010

Well kids...
the moment came earlier than planned
because i threw a fit
i got what i wanted
well not exactly...
the blade came and cut
it cut so sharp and went so deep
and hurt like it always has before
the thing that hurt the most was
none of it made sense
none of it
i have had alot of hard things in my life
but they always made sense
tears followed an equation
ya know when you have a really big problem
and you think it out, you take all factors
sort it out, take a deep breath
and start to wrangle that tornado
if it were only that easy
i drew my line in the sand
and lassoed that tornado
turns out
i'm the tornado
and i have tied myself into
hopes and prayers
and wishes and dreams
that i can untangle myself
details to come...
i meant it about the hopes and prayers
(and by reading this you have signed onto my requests)

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