Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blast me to bermuda

Prayers guys, I need some serious prayers...
No actually my health is doing really well lately...
I need prayers that the roommate situation in my life
will be ok. That things will work out, that I will not get
financially vaporized, that I can be with girls that I love,
girls that are fighting the good fight along with me.
(I will explain fighting the good fight later)
Please please keep me in your prayers I am trying so so hard

to keep my little duckies all in a row,

tryin to keep them from the big bad wolf

(I don't know if wolves even eat duckies)

And if you know of anyone in the provo/orem area

that need a place to live let me know!!!


c a n d a c e said...

Blast you to Bermuda? That sounds like Sword and the Stone. I love you honey and if you need anything like cold hard cash, just let me know - cuz I'm rollin in it. ;)

Love- ME

Jeremy and Becky said...

we will definitely keep you in our prayers. we love you so much. everything ok? did you move or what? lemme know!

Kim said...

I will keep you in mind if I hear of anyone...I know I have been a bad blogger, hopefully you have found the roomies you needed.