Monday, December 8, 2008

Tag your it, no touchbacks

Yes it has happened to me
I have been
bet you were thinking something terrible
have hope people.
I digress...
The rules:
1. Post the rules
2. Answer the 6 "8" questions.
3. Let each person know they have been tagged.
8 favorite TV shows
(no particular order)
Jon & Kate plus 8
Starter Wife
I Survived...(amazing show!)
Deadliest Catch
Nip/tuck(terrible I know. don't judge)
8 things I did yesterday...
It's 3 am which day?
I got up went to church
Said prayer at church
Bore my testimony about elder wirthlins talk
come what may
got sustained and set apart for my new calling
Service chair!
( i have a week to throw sub for santa
all by my onesy)
cooked dino buddies
put laundry away
went to bed at 9 pm so I could come work
2 am to 6 am.
woke up at midnight and ate a brownie
and then went back to bed.
(i know eating in the middle of the night...
it's genetical)
8 Favorite restaurants
(no particular order)
Olive Garden
5 guys
The Dodo
The bluebird
8 Things I'm looking forward to
In order!
Passing my classes, all of them
(fingers crossed, prayers said,
please please please!)
Going the "the big house"/
being a white ninja:)
Finishing Tbones scrapbook
Getting lip smacking skinny
My volvo running again
Graduating from college
Finding mr wonderful
and seeing him actually stick around.
Going home to see my mom and dad from above
8 things on my wish list
Straight A's!!!:)
Benefits of the medical disposition
A seat belt for turbo
More organs
No more chubby bunny,
skinny minny
Free prescriptions
and or mas dinero
Mas dinero
My hair to freaking grow.
8 people I tag

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Kim said...

Oye, tags. I will try to get to this one. I hate the game of tag, it gives me indigestion. Loved learning so much about you though. Kiss kiss.